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Tree Planting in Joplin

After the Storm: A Joplin Update

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The community welcomes one of the largest urban reforestation efforts in Missouri history as a sign of rebirth.

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Backyard Tree Care

From tree selection and planting to pruning guidelines, this section covers everything you need to know to take care of your backyard trees.

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Care of Newly Planted Trees

Practice these simple maintenance tips to ensure well-established, healthy Missouri trees.

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Children plant a tree.

Celebrate MO trees during Arbor Days in April

Trees Work in so many ways for our health, wealth, environment, and happiness.

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Plan Before You Plant

Browse tips on planning, site preparation, seedling selection, spacing, quantity needed per acre and when to order your Missouri conservation seedlings.

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Plant a Tree, Sink Some Carbon!

Since 1886, Missourians “officially” have counted the first Friday in April as Arbor Day.

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Planting 120,000 Trees for Missouri Arbor Day

Plant a tree! Friday, April 4 is Missouri Arbor Day.

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This brief publication helps you determine where and how to plant trees on your Missouri property.

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Seedling Planting and Care

Browse tree- and shrub-planting techniques, including hand planting, machine planting and tips on Missouri conservation seedling care.

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