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Care of Newly Planted Trees

Practice these simple maintenance tips to ensure well-established, healthy Missouri trees. More

Community Conservation

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Programs that support both urban and rural residents. More

Community Tree Care

Get recognition and help for caring for your Missouri community trees and urban forests. More

Forest Products Success Stories

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Missouri communities are home to a number of companies that mill and process native timber. More

Tree Resource Improvement and Maintenance (TRIM) Grant

Get up to $10,000 to manage, improve, or conserve your Missouri community's trees. Deadline is June 1. More

Turning A New Leaf

This week we started some timber stand improvement (TSI) work on the area. Although this isn't “renovation work” in the sense of construction, it is work being done to improve the habitat on Duck Creek in the in a way you could still classify it as “renovation work.” Below is a little background on why we are cutting down some trees in order to “turn a new leaf” and make room for the future timber stand at Duck Creek. More
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