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Tree-Maintenance Timetable

This brief, illustrated guide shows you when to water, mulch, pest-monitor, fertilize, stake and prune your Missouri trees. More

Trees may need special attention after wet spring

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The roots of a toppled oak tree form a jagged vertical rosette.
Imagine how difficult rainy weather would be for you if you breathed through your feet. More

Trees that are brown may not be down

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Don’t be too quick to write off drought-stressed trees. More

Treetop Adventures

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A high-altitude competition tests the mettle of tree care professionals. More

Troubled Trees

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Oak tree
Diagnosing and managing urban tree stress More

Watering Shade Trees

Proper watering keeps your Missouri shade trees healthy for life. Text, illustrations and video show you how. More

When the Ice Storm Is Over: Damaged Trees

Hope if you’re reading this during Missouri’s current ice storm that your electricity stays on to keep you safe and warm… More

Your Trees and Woods

Browse topics that help you care for your trees and woods and maximize your timber harvests. More

YouTube: Tree Pruning

Use this video to learn more about tree pruning. More