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Healthy Forests

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Although Indian Trail CA’s name recalls a tragic period in American history, the area itself is a legacy of Missouri’s early conservation efforts. More

Healthy Forests

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"Healthy Forests" for the April 2007 Missouri Conservationist. More

Healthy Trees Enhance Well-Being

Maybe one way to happier living is to plant more trees…or at least keep the ones we’ve got healthy. More

How to Hire an Arborist

Arborist Ryan Russell goes out on a limb to keep trees healthy.
You spent a lot of time and money on your home landscape. Find and hire a trained arborist to protect your investment and your trees' health. More

How to Plant a Tree

This brief, illustrated brochure helps you select the right kind of tree for your Missouri location, then determine planting depth, dig the right hole shape and size, back fill, water and mulch. More

Ice-Melter Damage

Learn how to treat salt-damaged trees and soil, and protect your plants where ice melters are used. More

Joplin homeowners can receive free trees and planting help

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City of Joplin and MDC planting free trees for residents through Priority ReLeaf program. More

Making Room at the Top

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Improved trimming practices favor trees--and utility wires. More

MDC urges proper pruning to help storm-damaged trees

Tree Damage from Storm
Careful pruning and tender loving care may save some trees. More

Missouri Arbor Award of Excellence Brochure

This two-page brochure covers competition guidelines, award categories, judging criteria, awards calendar and program partners. More