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Raccoon Trapper

Raccoon numbers are down, but other furbearer populations are stable or increasing. High fur prices are likely to lead to a large harvest this year. More

Record-Weight Furbearers

View the list of Missouri's record-weight furbearers, and let us know if you think you've trapped a record-breaking furbearer. More

Skunk Control

Learn to identify, prevent, and control striped skunk damage on your Missouri property. More

Skunk Damage Control

This video contains helpful tips about skunk damage control. More

Southeast Missouri black bear trapping to begin in May

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Study will provide further information, such as movement patterns, population densities, habitat preferences, male-to-female ratios and overall numbers of Missouri bears. More

Squirrel Control

Learn to recognize, prevent, and control squirrel damage on your Missouri property. More

To Set a Trap

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"What could be simpler than trapping a few coyotes for a coat?" I wondered. More


Browse Missouri trapping topics, including fur auction results, furbearer program report and records, making trapping lures, history of trapping in Missouri, trapping coyotes, and use of cable restraints in Missouri. More

Trapping Coyotes

A key to successful trapping is to use the correct trap for the job. A trap should be large, powerful and fast enough to catch the coyote that activates it. More