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Cable Restraint Instruction Manual

Manual for the cable restraint training course, which addresses how to use cable restraints in a responsible manner to catch live foxes, coyotes and nuisance animals. It provides basic guidance of ethics, management principals and regulations in Missouri. More

Cable Restraint Regulations

In Missouri, cable restraints can be used to take furbearers from November 15 through January 31 the following year by trappers who have successfully completed a cable-restraint training course, validated by a certified instructor. More

Controversy in Times of Plenty

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From otterless to otterful, with hearty cheers and heartfelt complaints from every direction. More

Cottontail Rabbit Control

Eastern cottontail rabbit in grassy field
Learn to identify, prevent, and control cottontail-rabbit damage on your Missouri property. More

Coyote and Fox Trapper Record for Hound Running Area

Downloadable hound running area operator’s coyote and fox trapper record form. More

Elk Near Corral Trap

elk trapping
Large group of elk near MDC corral trap in Kentucky More


Elk near MDC corral trap More


elk trapping
Elk near corral trap More

Exciting Times in Elk Country

elk trapping
MDC has more than three dozen elk in a holding pen in Kentucky. More

First Year Fur Trapper

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Jeff Kitchen teaches his son the basics of setting a trap. To be successful at t
Lessons learned and earned in the field. More