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2010 Regulations Update

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According to new regulations, trappers will be able to take more otters in many
Seasons, limits and methods expand for 2010. More

2013 Furbearer Program Annual Report

Browse the report on Missouri furbearer permit sales, population and harvests, pelt sales, and other information for fiscal year 2012 (July 1, 2012, through June 30, 2013). More

2013 hunting, trapping, fishing regulation booklets available from MDC

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Get copies where permits are sold, at MDC offices, and online. More

21st Century Trappers

Each year trappers seek out Missouri woods and water to participate in one of the oldest sports known to man. More

About Regulations

Based on The Wildlife Code of Missouri, our hunting regulations help keep Missouri's wildlife and habitat healthy. Annually updated regulations summaries appear at Department of Conservation offices and permit vendors and in PDF format on this page March 1. More

Armadillo Damage Control

A video of helpful tips on trapping nuisance armadillos. More

Build a Rabbit Box Trap

Learn how to build and use box traps to catch nuisance rabbits and other small Missouri mammals. More

Build a Rabbit Live-Trap II

Learn how to build a rabbit live-trap. More

Cable Restraint Classes

Trappers must complete a certified Cable Restraint Training Program to become eligible to use cable restraints to catch live Missouri wildlife. Browse the calendar on this page for cable restraint classes offered near you. More