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Large Green-Spored Lepiota

caucasian hand holding white, umbrella-shaped mushroom
C. molybdites can be quite large. The gills are white when young and mature to a dull olive green. More

Leafy Spurge

Photo of leafy spurge seed heads
Euphorbia esula
When you consider the negative effects this plant has on natural habitats, and how hard it is to control or eradicate, you almost want to rename it “leafy scourge”! This invasive plant is spreading in our state. Learn how to identify it. More

Leafy Spurge (Seed Heads)

Photo of leafy spurge seed heads
Leafy spurge is an invasive plant that is spreading in our state. Leaves are usually alternate, but those immediately beneath the flowers are whorled. Leaves on the lower half of the stem are scalelike, while those on the upper parts are linear to oblong. All parts of the plant bleed a milky sap that causes skin irritation. Flowers are borne in umbels and appear greenish yellow. More