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Flash In The Pin

Closeup view of green pin oak leaves
In the last month we collected data in the timber at Duck Creek, Mingo and a few of our other forested conservation areas in Southeast Missouri. While I was out there, I saw something that caught my eye. More

Forest Products Success Stories

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Missouri communities are home to a number of companies that mill and process native timber. More

Little Trees, Big Benefits

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When it comes to trees, bigger isn't always better. More

Missouri Timber Price Trends, April-June 2014

Missouri Timber Price Trends for April-June, 2014. More

The Magnificence of Old Growth

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Untouched forests have their own evolutionary cycle. More

Thinking About a Timber Sale? Call Before You Cut

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The Missouri Department of Conservation has help for landowners who want to harvest trees profitably and sustainably. More

Timber Harvest

Photo of a timber harvest.
Photo of a timber harvest. More

Top Notch Loggers

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School teaches timber harvesters how to help Missouri landowners. More

Weeding Trees

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Learn how to get more value out of your tree harvest. More