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American Robin

american robin
Turdus migratorius
A well-known symbol of springtime, this bird hunts on the ground for earthworms and insects. The robin’s colorful rusty-red breast is as welcome in spring as its cheerful singing at dawn and dusk.   More

Eastern Bluebird

Image of eastern bluebird
Sialia sialis
The state bird of Missouri is associated with cheerfulness; in fact, many say its song sounds like “Cheer cheerful charmer.” You will be glad to see its blue upperparts and rusty and white underparts. More

Varied Thrush

Video of varied thrush in the wild. More

Wood Thrush

Image of a wood thrush
Hylocichla mustelina
This is the melodious “bell bird” of Missouri forests. Though this relative of the American robin and eastern bluebird might be hard to locate, its flutelike voice decorates the sound of woodlands the way wildflowers decorate the forest floor. More