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Black Walnut Bark

Black walnut bark is rough, and when the surface is lightly scraped shows a chocolate brown color. More

Black Walnut Catkins

Male flowers appear in drooping catkins when leaves emerge in spring. More

Black Walnut Twig Cross Section

Twigs thick, light brown, with fuzzy buds and tan, chambered pith at the core of the twig. More

Browning Leaves Indicate TCD

Photo shows walnut tree with browning leaves
In midsummer, TCD-infected trees may show wilted brown leaves on branches high in the canopy. More

Declining Black Walnut Tree

Photo shows declining black walnut tree
Black walnut trees in Missouri can display die-back for many other reasons besides TCD. More

Don't Accidentally Spread TCD

Photo of a vial of walnut twig beetles.
Photo of a vial of walnut twig beetles. More

Don't Move Firewood!

Photo of firewood
Many tree-killing pests travel in firewood. If you love Missouri’s forests, buy firewood where you camp, and burn it all before you leave. More

Estimating TCD's Economic Impact

Although TCD has not been detected in Missouri, we can estimate its potential economic impact. This four-page bulletin overviews the losses. More

Exposing Thousand Cankers Disease

Photo of scientist using a drawknife to expose thousand cankers disease
Lightly scraping away the bark exposes TCD cankers underneath. More