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Preseason Waterfowl Reports

Browse status reports for teal and other waterfowl-hunting opportunities on Missouri's managed wetland areas.

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Teal Hunt

Teal Hunting

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Warm up to duck hunting during the early teal season.

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Teal Season Wetland Area Status

Browse Missouri's wetland-area conditions and teal-hunting opportunities. Updated August and October.

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Waterfowl Reservation Success Rates

Browse an annually updated listing of waterfowl-reservation success rates for B. K. Leach, Bob Brown, Columbia Bottom, Duck Creek, Fountain Grove, Four Rivers, Marais Temps Clair, Montrose, Nodaway Valley, Schell-Osage, Ted Shanks, and Ten Mile Pond.

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Waterfowl Seasons and Boundaries

Check seasons at a glance, and get acquainted with our process for involving hunters in setting seasons and zones every five years.

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