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2013 Teal Season Details at Duck Creek

Dark Cypress in August 2013
Duck Creek and Dark Cypress Swamp will be open for teal hunting. Here is more information about how and where... More

2014 dove, teal seasons set

Dove Hunt
Mark your calendar now for opening days of dove, teal, woodcock, snipe, and rail hunting seasons. More

Duck Creek Waterfowl Hunting Outlook 2011-2012

It is getting close to fall, and folks are looking forward to waterfowl season. Here is Duck Creek’s outlook for the 2011-2012 season based on the current rate of construction and water levels in Pool 1. More

Early migratory bird seasons approved

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Blue-Winged Teal
This year’s regulations include larger daily and possession limits for some species. More

Early teal season approved

hunter with teal
Dates are contingent on breeding population survey. More

Early teal season set, outlook bright

Blue-Winged Teal
Duck stamps available online in Missouri this year. More

Fountain Grove CA 2014 Waterfowl Hunting Outlook

Hunters are urged to contact the Fountain Grove CA hotline at 660-938-4692 or contact area staff at 660-938-4124 for the most current conditions. More

Grand Pass CA 2014 Waterfowl Hunting Outlook

Hunters are urged to contact the Grand Pass CA hotline at 660-595-2437 or contact area staff at 660-595-2444 for the most current conditions.  More

hunter with teal

hunter with teal
Blue-winged, green-winged, and cinnamon teal are legal during the early teal season. More

Quick Hits

Flooded slough with vegetation
Similar to the recent NFL preseason, over the last few weeks at Duck Creek we’ve been disappointed by the lack of development in some situations, but pleasantly surprised by the glimmer of potential in others. Here are some quick hits of what’s going on... More