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Longear Sunfish

Image of longear sunfish
Longear sunfish. More

Redear Sunfish

Image of a redear sunfish
Lepomis microlophus
Also called "shellcracker," "bream" and "stumpknocker," this deep and slab-sided sunfish has a small mouth, with the upper jaw not reaching past the front of the eye. The back and sides are golden or light olive-green. More

Remarkable Redears

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Image of a redear sunfish
These bullish bream have a taste for escargot. More

Spotted Bass

Image of a spotted bass
Micropterus punctulatus
Also called "spot" and "Kentucky bass," this species inhabits permanent-flowing waters that are warmer and slightly more turbid than those where the smallmouth bass occurs. Begin to recognize it by noting the form of its stripe and the length of its jaw. More


Lepomis gulosus
Webster's doesn't hazard a guess as to how this fish got its common name, but the scientific name translates to "large-mouthed" sunfish—and males defend their nests and eggs with a fierce display with widened gill covers, blood-red eyes and intense yellow color. More

White Crappie

Image of white crappie
Pomoxis annularis
Also called "papermouth," "bachelor perch" or just "crappie," this popular panfish is deep bodied and strongly compressed laterally (slab-sided). The sides are silver with 5-10 often faint vertical bars. The upper jaw is long, reaching past the middle of eye. More

White Crappie

Image of white crappie
White crappie. More

White Perch

Photo of a white perch.
Photo of a white perch. More