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Missouri Watershed Inventory and Assessment

This collection of natural-resource-related information on Missouri's primary watersheds is designed to help agencies, developers and builders protect our state's water resources. More

Missouri Watershed Protection Practice

Download these guidelines about maintaining forested watersheds to protect streams. More

Pearls of the Gasconade

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Surveying mussels to monitor the well-being of Missouri's waterways. More

Restoring River Life: Making Mussels

I just heard some good news (a pleasant change from what’s often gloom and doom) about keeping our waters healthy. More

Sand and Gravel Removal Guidelines

Prevent erosion problems on your Missouri property by practicing sustainable sand and gravel removal. This page explains how. More

Saving Our Best Streams

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The Stream Stewardship Trust Fund helps protect Missouri’s best streams. More

Snorkeling Biologist

An MDC biologist snorkels to study stream health
MDC Biologist Doug Novinger snorkels for small fish and aquatic invertebretes, to sample stream health. More

Stormwater Strategies

To protect themselves from flooding and erosion, Missouri communities can control stormwater runoff through better planning and site design. More

Stream Improvements

Learn best practices for building near Missouri streams, stabilizing stream banks, and sustainable sand and gravel removal. More