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A Frog Symphony

My first time swimming in a creek, I was serenaded with the sounds of a frog symphony. More
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Blue Spring in Snow

Blue Spring in snow
Blue Spring in snow. More

Forests and Streams

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How trees can improve your fishing. More

Grades 6-8 Student Book Chapter Seven

Rivers and Streams examines the parts of a stream, stream-order ranking, and what water quality indicators tell us about stream health. More

Headwaters (1966)

The upper reaches of streams are a wonderful part of this world. But they are delicate and vulnerable environments, often assaulted unknowingly by human use of the land. The film introduces the “citizens” of this unique world, featuring the smallmouth bass, and shows how these creatures live and die in a small community.Produced by Missouri Dept. of Conservation (1966). More

Missouri Stream Team

Love Missouri's rivers and streams? Join or start a Stream Team, and enjoy the satisfaction of taking care of a local waterway. More

Ribbons of Life

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Rivers nourish life far from their banks. More

Shrinking Pools of Water Offer Life

Missouri has 56,000 miles of streams. This past spring I was exploring one of those many miles along a nearby creek and was surprised by an unusually long, skinny fish with spots on its tail. It rose up then disappeared into a deeper pool. More

Stream Improvements

Learn best practices for building near Missouri streams, stabilizing stream banks, and sustainable sand and gravel removal. More