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Avian Aliens

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Starlings and house sparrows have found a home in the U.S. More

Birds of a Feather

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Photo of a male red-winged blackbird singing
Trouble ensues when blackbirds, cowbirds, starlings and grackles flock together. More

European Starling

Photograph of a European Starling
Sturnus vulgaris
Few Americans love this bold nonnative bird, purposefully introduced to our continent in the late 1800s and now abundant throughout our country. More

European Starling (Juvenile)

Photograph of a juvenile European starling walking in grass
Young European starlings are brownish gray with dull streaking below and a brown bill. With the adults, they forage on the ground and at birdfeeders. More

European Starling (Winter Plumage)

Photograph of a European Starling
European starlings are more speckled in the winter. In fall after molting, the wings and tail are edged in brown; the entire plumage is speckled with white spots. The white speckling wears off toward spring, leaving a more solid glossy black. More


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"Reflections" for the November, 1999 Missouri Conservationist. More