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Pink Chicken

photo of spoonbill wading
Photo of spoonbill wading. More

Roseate Spoonbill Coloring

photo of roseate spoonbill taking off
Photo of roseate spoonbill taking off. More

Roseate Spoonbill Foraging

photo of roseate spoonbill foraging
Photo of roseate spoonbill foraging. More

Spoonie Sighting!

photo of spoonbill wading
That’s right, we’ve had a spoonbill sighting at Duck Creek. Now if you’re a duck hunter, you might wonder why I am making a big fuss about a Northern Shoveler. We get those all the time. If you’re a fisherman, you might think I’m referring to a paddlefish, which would be kind of cool to find at the end of your line in Pool 1, extremely unlikely, but cool if it happened. Well, I’m not referring to either one of these species. More

Three-Alarm Spoonbill Jambalaya

Give this Cajun classic dish a try the next time you catch a spoonbill! More

Uncommon Summer Visitor

photo of roseate spoonbill
Photo of roseate spoonbill. More