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American Tree Sparrow

Image of an american tree sparrow
Spizella arborea
American tree sparrows nest in willow thickets and arctic shrub along the tundra's edge in Canada and Alaska. But during the winter, tree sparrows can be found throughout Missouri, especially in our northern and western sections. More

Avian Aliens

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Starlings and house sparrows have found a home in the U.S. More

Bachman's Sparrow

Image of bachman's sparrow
Aimophila aestivalis
This large, ground-nesting sparrow is listed as Endangered in Missouri, where its historic habitat is in decline. More

Bachman's Sparrow Best Management Practices

Manage your Missouri land to help this endangered species. More

Dark-Eyed Junco

Image of a dark-eyed junco
Junco hyemalis
Dark-eyed juncos, or "snowbirds" as they are widely known, are sparrows. Juncos are abundant throughout Missouri during the winter. What many people are not aware of is that there are two color forms of juncos that occur here. More

Eurasian Tree Sparrow

Photograph of a Eurasian Tree Sparrow perched on a brick surface
In all of North America, Eurasian tree sparrows are found only in the St. Louis area and in nearby areas in Illinois and southeastern Iowa. More

Eurasian Tree Sparrow

Photograph of a Eurasian Tree Sparrow perched on a brick surface
Passer montanus
People brought this bird and its cousin, the house sparrow, to America in hopes of controlling insects. But both have become pests. Neither are true American sparrows; rather, they are Old World sparrows, more closely related to birds in the Middle East, Pakistan and India. More

Field Sparrow

Field sparrow photo
Audio of a field sparrow in the wild. More

Field Sparrow

Image of a field sparrow
Spizella pusilla
Field sparrows are common nesting birds throughout Missouri, but they retreat to the southernmost counties to ride out the winter. Many American tree sparrows are misidentified as field sparrows. Look at the bird carefully; field sparrows are much smaller and lighter and lack a central breast spot. More

Fox Sparrow

Image of a fox sparrow
Passerella iliaca
The fox sparrow is the largest of our sparrows. The name is derived from the bird's foxlike color. They are entertaining to watch as they rustle through the leaves and seeds under your feeders. This style of feeding may remind you of chickens, but fox sparrows kick with both feet at the same time. More