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A Bonnie Wee Visitor

As I walked from the break room back to my office one day last week, I noticed a fellow traveler in the otherwise-deserted hallway. More

Amphibians and Reptiles

You know them as frogs, toads, snakes, turtles and lizards. Get acquainted with all of Missouri's fascinating herptiles, including 43 amphibians and 75 species and subspecies of reptiles. More

Back Cover

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"Back Cover" for the May 2003 Missouri Conservationist. More

Black Snakes Banish Rodents and Vipers

I was walking my dog Friday afternoon and stumbled across a huge black rat snake. More

Broad-Banded Water Snake

Photo of biologist holding a broad-banded watersnake
People often mistaken nonvenomous broad-banded water snakes for western cottonmouths. In the marsh, these harmless snakes typically eat fish and frogs. More

Broad-Banded Watersnake (Broad-Banded Water Snake)

Image of a broad-banded watersnake
Nerodia fasciata confluens
The broad-banded watersnake is a beautiful semiaquatic snake with broad, irregularly shaped bands that can be brown, red-brown, or black and are separated by yellow and gray. This nonvenomous species is restricted to the southeastern corner of the state. More


Image of a bullsnake
Pituophis catenifer sayi
Missouri's largest snake may hiss loudly and vibrate its tail when alarmed, but it is nonvenomous. This species is extremely valuable in controlling destructive rodents. More

Cottonmouth Confusion

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Cottonmouth snake
Odds are that the snake you see in the water is not venomous. More

Cottonmouth snake in defensive posture

Cottonmouth snake
A cottonmouth gapes its mouth open in a defensive posture, showing the white lining that is the origin of the common name. More