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Squirrel, black-bass seasons open May 24

An angler holds up a smallmouth bass for his wade-fishing buddy to see.
Two of Missouri’s most popular seasons open on the Memorial Day weekend. More

Tiger Bass

This close-up shows a smallmouth bass's distinctive tiger-stripe markings.
This scrappy little smallmouth's markings show why some anglers call them "tiger bass." More

Top Predators of Ozark Streams

Smallmouth Bass
The management and pursuit of smallmouth bass and goggle-eye. More

Tracking River Smallmouth

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An Ozark Stream
Biologists use telemetry to learn more about Missouri's smallmouth bass. More

Wade-Fishing Fun

This photo shows a bird's-eye view of two anglers wading in an Ozark stream.
Wading small streams is one way to pursue smallmouth, largemouth, and spotted bass. More