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Dead Skunk in the Middle of the Road

It’s hard for me to prevent the lyrics of that old song from coming to mind when I pass a road-killed skunk on the highway. More

Eastern Spotted Skunk

Image of a spotted skunk
Spilogale putorius
There are two species of skunks in Missouri, the more familiar striped skunk and the lesser-known spotted skunk. The spotted skunk has been declining drastically in recent years because of habitat loss. More


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"Letters" for the January 2009 Missouri Conservationist. More

Plains Spotted Skunk Best Managment Practices

Manage your Missouri land to help this endangered species. More

Plants and Animals

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Photo of a Striped skunk
These striped Missouri residents can be seen feasting in fields to fatten up for winter. More


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"Reflections" for the November 1997 Missouri Conservationist. More


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"Reflections" for the November, 1999 Missouri Conservationist. More

Roadkill Café

Roadkill cafe participants prepared and enjoyed a variety of wild game dishes
Roast skunk? You bet! Nothing goes to waste at the Twin Pines Roadkill Café where participants learned to prepare tasty dishes from wild game. More

Skunk Control

Learn to identify, prevent, and control striped skunk damage on your Missouri property. More

Skunk Damage Control

This video contains helpful tips about skunk damage control. More