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photo of two quail in snowy woods

After the Blizzard of 2011, Can You STILL Find the Quail in this Picture?

Even after last week’s snowstorm, the quail are still alive and still under the shrub thickets shown in the photo from last week’s post.

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Alternate-Leaved Dogwood (Pagoda Dogwood)

Cornus alternifolia
Dogwoods have leaves arranged opposite one another on the stem—except for this species! This shrub or small tree is a popular ornamental, especially in the northern parts of Missouri, where it can be too cold to grow flowering dogwood.

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american hazelnut

American Hazelnut

Corylus americana
American hazelnut, also called hazel or American filbert, grows in dense thickets on a wide variety of soils and sites. The nuts are prized by humans and by squirrels!

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american holly

American Holly

Ilex opaca
This is Missouri's most durable broad-leafed evergreen tree and is best known for its bright red berries and spiny green leaves at Christmas.

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Image of an american hornbeam bark

American Hornbeam (Musclewood)

Carpinus caroliniana
American hornbeam is also called musclewood because of the sinewy appearance of its smooth gray bark. The name hornbeam refers to the genuine strength of its wood—it is one of the hardest and strongest woods in North America.

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arrowwood viburnum

Arrowwood Viburnum (Southern Arrow Wood)

Viburnum dentatum
This lovely shrub is critically imperiled in Missouri, but the white flower clusters and dark blue berries make it a great choice for landscaping.

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Invasive autumn olive in fruit

Autumn Olive

Elaeagnus umbellata
This shrub can be found all over the state, since it was planted widely with the best of intentions. Despite its “pros,” this species has proven to be very invasive. It threatens native ecosystems and should not be planted.

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Autumn Olive, fruit

Autumn Olive (Fruit)

Fruits ripen from pink to red, with speckles. They are finely dotted with pale scales and are produced in abundance each year.

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Autumn olive, underside of leaf

Autumn Olive (Underside of Leaf)

The lower surface is covered with silvery white scales, a conspicuous characteristic that can be seen from a distance.

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image of black haw

Black Haw

Viburnum prunifolium
This small understory tree has beautiful fall color: deep lavender or maroon-purple, finally becoming deep rose-red, contrasting with clusters of blue-black berries, borne on red stalks, that happen to be quite tasty. No wonder it has been cultivated as an ornamental since 1727!

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