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A Clean Shot

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Shotgun and shooting fundamentals to help hunters bag a turkey. More

A Shotgun Approach

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Finding the perfect gun for hunting or recreational shooting. More

Effective Wingshooting Workshops

Duck Hunting
Improve your shotgunning skills, deepen your commitment to conservation, and reduce hunting expenses. Sign up to attend a free workshop. More

Hunting with a Muzzleloading Shotgun

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From hunting doves to tagging turkeys, a muzzleloading scattergun offers fun and challenge. More

The Way to Better Shotgun Skills

Part of being a good hunter means honing your skills so every shot you take counts. With the cost of ammunition rising, the incentive to do that just keeps growing too. More

Why'd I miss that bird?

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Do you know how your shotgun performs with different loads? More


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The skies should be raining dead birds... More