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American Golden-Plover

American Golden-Plover
Pluvialis dominica
This inspiring, robin-sized shorebird should receive a medal for its incredible annual odyssey from Argentina to the Arctic tundra, a distance of over 20,000 miles, with about 3,000 miles of it over open water. More

American Woodcock

photo of American woodcock
Scolopax minor
This remarkable bird is a short-necked, short-legged, terrestrial shorebird with a long bill. The eyes are set back on its head. When this bird is flushed, its short wings make a startling whirring sound. More

Back Cover

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May is a good month to see black-necked stilts and other shorebirds on wetland mudflats. More

Black-Necked Stilt

A photo of a black-necked stilt.
A photo of a black-necked stilt. More

Missouri's Shorebirds

A photo of a black-necked stilt.
With its large areas of mudflats and shallow water, the northwest region is your best bet for seeing shorebirds in Missouri. More

Ring-Billed Gull

Video of ring-billed gulls in the wild. More

The Odyssey Birds

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upland sandpapier
A bevy of migrating shorebirds sojourn in Missouri. More

Wilson’s Snipe

Photo of a Wilson's snipe, a pudgy, long-billed bird, wading in a marsh.
Gallinago delicata
Wilson’s snipe, formerly called common snipe, are a migratory game bird in Missouri. Like their relative the woodcock, these members of the sandpiper family are not usually seen on mudflats. They usually occur in swamps and wet, grassy areas. More

Wilson’s Snipe in Marsh

Photo of a Wilson's snipe hiding in marsh weeds.
It is easy to see why Wilson’s snipe is included in a group of birds coined “secretive marsh birds.” These birds’ impressive camouflage and relative silence keep them well hidden in the thick vegetation of marshy habitats. More