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Insects, Spiders and Kin

These animals (along with crabs, shrimp, crayfish and others) are arthropods—invertebrates with jointed legs. Learn about Missouri's most common arthropods here. More


Image of a pseudoscorpion.
Various species in the order Pseudoscorpionida
These unusual little arachnids, which look something like tiny scorpions but with a rounded (and nonvenomous) hind end, are often overlooked but are filled with biological curiosity. Learn more about these helpful animals. More

Striped Scorpion

Image of a striped scorpion
Centruroides vittatus
Young striped scorpions are pale yellowish-brown, usually with two lengthwise dark stripes on the abdomen; older scorpions are uniform dark brown with the stripes faint or lacking. More

Striped Scorpion

Image of a striped scorpion
Photo of a striped scorpion. More

Striped Scorpion

Video of a striped scorpion in the wild. More

The Invisible Forest

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Life and death in a microscopic ecological community. More