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American Robin

photo of American Robin
Audio of American robin in the wild. More

American Robin

american robin
Turdus migratorius
A well-known symbol of springtime, this bird hunts on the ground for earthworms and insects. The robin’s colorful rusty-red breast is as welcome in spring as its cheerful singing at dawn and dusk.   More

Brad Jacobs Wild Job

Brad Jacobs, ornithologist with MDC, in Photoshopped image composite with birds.
Brad Jacobs, ornithologist with the Missouri Department of Conservation, poses in a photo composite to show he has a "Wild Job." More

Just a Robin

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One of North America's most successful birds, robins thrive in Missouri. These alert, energetic birds may be common, but they deserve a closer look. More


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"Letters" for the May 2011 "Missouri Conservationist". More


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"Miscellany" for the December 2010 Missouri Conservationist. More


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"Miscellany" for the February 2011 Missouri Conservationist. More

Robin Bathing

robin bathing
Photo of a robin bathing. More

Robin Nest

Chicks in a robin nest
Chicks wait for their mother to bring food in an American robin's nest. More

Robin on an Eastern Red Cedar

Robin on a eastern red cedar
Photo of a Robin on a eastern red cedar. More