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Missouri Stream Team

Love Missouri's rivers and streams? Join or start a Stream Team, and enjoy the satisfaction of taking care of a local waterway. More

Monitoring the Mississippi

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"...for who can make straight which he hath made crooked?" Mark Twain (1875). More

Mr 340 Makes Vacation, Film Doc

I took the most unusual vacation of my life last week, piloting a safety boat during the Fourth Annual Missouri River 340. More

My Special Place

A golden retriever frolics on a sandbar laced with flowing water.
Willa, a golden retriever, frolics on a sandbar laced with channels of flowing water More

Of Gravel and The River

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Stream surveys tell us about Ozark waterways, their past and future. More

Restoring River Life: Making Mussels

I just heard some good news (a pleasant change from what’s often gloom and doom) about keeping our waters healthy. More

Ribbons of Life

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Rivers nourish life far from their banks. More

Rivers Curriculum Project

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Students at schools across the U.S. are testing their local waterways and reporting the results by computer. More

Sandbar archaeology

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Lose your mundane worries in this river of time. More

Sandbar Ducks on the Big Muddy

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"For real company and friendship, there is nothing outside of the animal kingdom that is comparable to a river." -- Henry Van Dyke More