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Batture Lands

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The levees holding back our big rivers create strips of wilderness. More

Big Muddy = Big Catfish

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Blue catfish survey
Big blue catfish have the run of the Missouri River. More

Catching Big River Blues

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Big game fishing on the Mississippi and Missouri – St. Louis style. More

Catfish Mania

I spent Saturday night and Sunday morning on the Missouri River with two Nebraska natives who came all that way to compete in the Waverly Cats tournament. More

Elbow Room for Missouri's Great Rivers

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Protecting urban food plains is good for both people and nature More

Fascinating Rivers

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Artist Thomas Hart Benton found peace and inspiration on Ozark rivers. More

Federal Agencies Looking for Mo. R. Comments

If you are among the growing number of Missourians who have discovered the majestic beauty and vast recreational opportunities of the Missouri River, you might want to attend one of two meetings the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers are holding in the Kansas City and St. Louis areas early next month to discuss the river’s management. More

Figure Bc01: Big River Fish Community Sampling Sites

Fish sample locations within the Big River basin, Missouri. More

Grades 6-8 Student Book Chapter Seven

Rivers and Streams examines the parts of a stream, stream-order ranking, and what water quality indicators tell us about stream health. More

If the Missouri River Could Talk...

… it would utter a thunderous “THANK YOU” to those who helped orchestrate dozens of river cleanup events in recent years. More