Content tagged with "renovation"

Creative Scours and Low-Profile Levees

This document in illustrates a different slant on creative scours and low-profile levees planned for the Duck Creek CA golden anniversary renovation. More

Ditch at Duck Creek CA

The ditch at Duck Creek CA. More

Ditch System

A downloadable collection of ditch system maps. More

Drainage Ditch

Downloadable diagrams of Duck Creek CA drainage ditches over the past several decades. More

Duck Creek CA Bridge Plan Image

Larger downloadable image of Duck Creek CA Bridge Plan. More

Duck Creek Lidar

Downloadable Lidar image for Duck Creek CA. More

Fall and Winter Scope of Work: Full Map

Map showing Duck Creek CA scope of work. More

Integrating a Meandering Slough

This document illustrates plans to remove a straight bypass ditch and integrate a meandering slough through Pool 1 at Duck Creek CA. More

Microtopography of Duck Creek CA

Enlargement of Duck Creek CA microtopography map. More