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Mountain Lion Regulations

The Wildlife Code of Missouri provides for the taking of wildlife during prescribed hunting and trapping seasons and under other circumstances, such as when wildlife is causing damage to property or when it threatens the safety of humans, livestock or pets. More

Nongame Aquatic Species Regulations

Know the regulations for some of Missouri's nongame clams, frogs, and turtles. More

Note To Our Readers

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Most Missourians understand and accept the need for rules that ensure wise use of Missouri’s natural resources. More

Outdoor Regulations

Enjoy exploring nature on Missouri's conservation areas, but be sure to know the regulations. Even seemingly "low impact" activities can leaving a lasting impression on sensitive wildlife. More

Point System for Wildlife Code Violations

When you violate the Wildlife Code, the state assesses points against your hunting, trapping or fishing permits. You can lose your hunting, trapping and fishing privileges if you're assessed too many points. More

Process for Adopting Regulations

Review the Regulations Committee's process for adopting regulations. More

Proposed Crayfish Regulation Amendment

This amendment provides for the sale of only the Virile (or “Northern”) crayfish (Orconectes virilis) for live bait from instate sources. It also corrects the common names of crayfish in the approved Crustaceans list. More

Proposed Regulation Changes

Review proposed regulations and proposed regulation changes and give us your comments. More

Public Input Summary For the Proposed Paddlefish Regulation Change

Download this 58-page summary of public comments on the proposed paddlefish regulation changes. More

Regulation Changes Under Consideration

Our goal is to adjust regulations in a manner that produces the desired population change (i.e., increase, stabilize, or decrease) and meets the desires of hunters, and ensure recruitment and retention. More