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You had fun hunting, catching or gathering your quarry—now have more fun cooking and eating it. Browse recipes for Missouri's wild game and edibles.

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photo of Bernadette's Catch-All muffins

Cooking Wild in Missouri

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New colorful cookbook shows off the Show-Me State’s game, fish, nuts, fruit and mushrooms.

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Crappie Francaise

Try this recipe for fresh crappie seasoned with lemon and herbs in a delicate morel sauce.

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Crawdad Pilaf

Try this hearty approach to crayfish as a side dish or a main dish!

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Crayfish Etouffee I

Crayfish, rice and onions make up this simple version of an old Cajun favorite.

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Crayfish Etouffee II

Hot sauce and crayfish tails, cayenne pepper and onions - be sure you have lots of ice water handy when you serve this Cajun dish!

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Crayfish Recipes

The "freshwater lobsters" of Missouri streams have as much flavor and nutrition as their sea-going cousins.

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