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Chanterelle Garnish for Grilled Meats

Add to the savor of a freshly grilled steak or chop—garnish it with fresh chanterelle mushrooms! More

Chanterelle Omelet

What's better than an omelet for breakfast? One made with fresh chanterelles! More

Chanterelle Recipes

Freshly picked chanterelles are the best to eat and can be used in many recipes. More

Charcoal Dove

Tired of roast dove? Try this recipe for grilled, marinated doves! More

Cheese-Filled Venison Rolls

Elegant, but hearty! More

Cleaning a Turkey

Novice turkey hunters are often intimidated when it comes time to clean this large bird. Just like a chicken or other fowl, there are two basic ways to clean a turkey: plucking and skinning. More

Cookies and Candies

Missouri's wild abundance is the basis for many unusual, delicious treats - just right for lunch boxes or keeping a cup of coffee company. More


You had fun hunting, catching or gathering your quarry—now have more fun cooking and eating it. Browse recipes for Missouri's wild game and edibles. More

Cooking Wild in Missouri

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photo of Bernadette's Catch-All muffins
New colorful cookbook shows off the Show-Me State’s game, fish, nuts, fruit and mushrooms. More