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Cavity Creatures

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Many wildlife creatures might call an old snag tree home. More

Grandpa, Coons and Sharp

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Bridging the generation gap on a late night raccoon hunt More

Keeping Wildlife Outside Your House

It’s that time of year when the nights cool down and the mice, skunks, and squirrels are looking for a cozy winter home. More


Procyon lotor
When you see the black mask and striped tail of this medium-sized mammal, you know you’ve spotted a raccoon. These nocturnal omnivores are clever and adaptive. More


Raccoons live in wooded areas and neighborhoods. More

Raccoon and Opossum Damage Control

This video provides helpful tips about raccoon and opossum damage control. More

Raccoon Control

Learn to identify, prevent, and control raccoon damage on your Missouri property. More

Raccoon Pockets

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A simple set takes advantage of a raccoon's curiosity. More

Raccoon Tracks

photo of raccoon tracks in a sandy river bank
Photo of raccoon tracks in a sandy river bank. More

Raccoon Trapper

Raccoon numbers are down, but other furbearer populations are stable or increasing. High fur prices are likely to lead to a large harvest this year. More