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Applications open Sept. 1 for waterfowl hunting reservations

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Applications will be handled entirely via the Internet this year. More

Last-Minute Quick Draw Update

The application page is not online yet, but it will be Friday. More

Looking Forward to Quick Draw

I HATE most new stuff, but not this. More

Managed Waterfowl Hunts

Managed hunts keep the resource healthy and optimize the waterfowl hunting experience. Browse three ways to participate, as well as requirements, area draw times, procedures, reservations, and Quick Draw. More

MDC working to prevent Quick Draw errors

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The agency apologizes to hunters who applied for reservations at Grand Pass Nov. 16. More

News and Events

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"News and Events" for the December 2010 Missouri Conservationist. More

Quick Draw

Learn Quick Draw requirements and procedures, and apply for guaranteed line positions at Grand Pass, Eagle Bluffs, and Otter Slough. Browse results, draw dates, and success rates. More

Quick Draw application period approaching

“Poor-line”waterfowl hunters get more spots this year. More

Quick Draw Procedure

Learn how the Quick Draw system allots guaranteed line positions at Eagle Bluffs, Grand Pass, and Otter Slough, and view drawing and hunt dates. More