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Dogs and hunters work a big prairie

Hunting the Big Open

Three hunters work a large, open prairie using bird dogs.

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I Am a Recovering Recreational Mower

Work less, spend less and help quail and grassland birds in your corner of the world.

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Important Plants for Quail

You can help attract bobwhite quail to your land by planting shrubs that create food and shelter for quail. This video shows you how.

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Is Anyone Seeing Quail This Spring?

Habitat is the Key! With a tough winter behind us and wet spring after wet spring it makes you wonder how the quail did.

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bobwhite quail

Jump Starting Your Quail Population - Part 2

In case you’re still not convinced that stocking penned birds is a waste of time and money, let's look at a few potential negative consequences of stocking.

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Kids, Quail, Dogs & Horses

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Hunters who are passionate about their sport give troubled kids a glimpse of life's possibilities.

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Photo of male northern bobwhite

Landowners invited to quail workshop near Chillicothe

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Seminar is limited to 100. Register by March 2.

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Late Summer Habitat Chores

Back in August, I had a landowner poll to find out what landowners have been doing over the summer.

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Living on the Edge!

I've always said that quail like to live on the edge, but this rooster is really pushing it!

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