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Quail Quest 4- Missouri Quail Focus Areas

Bobwhite Quail Covey in Snow
In spite of my advanced state of aging it was heartening during this last week of quail season to be with hunters in their mid-20s and 30s. More

Quail-hunting Forecast

This photo shows two hunting dogs on point.
Dogs on point are eye candy for die-hard quail hunters. More

Regulation Changes Provide More Quail Hunting Opportunities in 2009

During the 2009 quail season, upland bird hunters will notice new hunting regulations on a few conservation areas. More
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Royalty and Tobacco Spitters

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Once a kingly pursuit, quail shooting now appeals to the masses. More

Show-Me More Success!

It’s pretty cool when people tell you they are seeing more dog boxes in the back of trucks and more hunters in orange vests and hunting chaps at gas stations and restaurants--a good sign there are more quail. More

Thanksgiving Quail

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A boy, his dad and their dog--ingredients for a lasting memory. More

The State of the Bobwhite

Check out this new, range-wide bobwhite conservation report. More

Why Do We Still Hunt Quail?

A recent Facebook post asked why we still promote the hunting of quail when their numbers are so low. Let’s think of quail as a poster child for wildlife habitat restoration. More


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The skies should be raining dead birds... More

Winding 'er Up

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Some quail seasons are self limiting. More