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2008-2009 Missouri Quail Season Wrap-Up

The 2008-2009 Missouri quail season has come to an end. Only 290 days until opening day. More

Afternoon Covey

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This is a point! More

Back Cover

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Taylor Daly, 14, has been hunting quail for 3 years. More

Bird Dog Season Opening

There’s the old expression, “That dog won’t hunt,” meaning that someone’s assertion lacks credibility. More

Building a Johnny House

I'll be honest. I can build some pretty darn good quail habitat, but I can't nail two boards together. More

Celebrate the Opening of Quail Season

Photo of male northern bobwhite
Friend and coworker, Aaron Jeffries, and I celebrated the opening of quail season. We were accompanied by my German wirehair pointer, Heidi and Aaron’s German shorthair, Babe. More

Counting Quail

Man's hand holds a late-season quail chick
Ongoing covey counts indicate mixed quail-hunting prospects across the Show-Me State. More

Covey Whistle Stop Tour

Stop #1 on 2012 Missouri quail season. At about 15 minutes before sunrise, in the still of the morning the coveys started sounding off, one by one. More
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Dogs on Point

three bird dogs hunting in tall warm-season grass during winter
A season-end quail hunt yields excellent dog work and plenty of quail. More

Drought and the 2012 Quail Season Outlook

Take a quick look at how the drought has affected quail habitat and numbers. More