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Nitpicking Habitat Management - Stop the "Dead Zone"

I’m starting to think that some landowners might be genetically programmed to mow. However, many people don’t realize that mowing field edges--creating a “dead zone”--is also bad for quail.

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Online Quail and Grassland Songbird Calendar Available

If habitat is the key to quail survival, timing is often the key to good quail habitat management.

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Order Native Shrubs for Covey Headquarter Plantings

Now that quail season is over, now is a good time to order shrubs for covey headquarter plantings and shrub row plantings.

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Physics Lessons for Quail Managers

To be more successful managing quail on your farm, look for ways to increase the amount of space they can use for the most days of the year.

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Pivot Corners for Conservation: It Just Makes Cent$!

Implementing wildlife habitat in these odd areas of a field can be a boon for both wildlife and the producer's bottom-line.

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Plant Deer-Proof Food Plots

Habitat is the Key! Food plots are an important quail habitat management tool.

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Plants and Animals

This content is archived
"Plants and Animals" for the September 2009 Missouri Conservationist.

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Predator Control for Landowners

I occasionally receive emails or phone calls from concerned quail hunters and landowners about the decline in bobwhite quail and grassland birds. I always provide them information on what Missouri is doing to restore habitat for bobwhites and grassland birds.

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Prepare Next Year's Brooding Cover

Now is a great time to prepare next year's brooding cover.

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