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Farmers and Wildlife Win with CP33

Earning a living by crop farming has always been a challenge. More

Favorite Quail Food Plots

A while back, I had a poll on food plots. The survey question asked what's your favorite type of food plot to plant for bobwhites. More

Favorite Shrubby Cover Results

The results are in for the what's your favorite shrubby cover poll. More

Flip-Flop That Food Plot

I was walking around the farm the other day and noticed last year's "succotash" food plot looked rather pathetic. More

Food Plot Management

The clear whistle of a bobwhite is an alarm clock for some landowners to start work on this year's food plots. More

Give Your Birds A Break

Bobwhite quail chick
According to the calendar, quail nesting season is beginning to wind down. Or is it? More
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Habitat Management for Quail

habitat management
Photograph of habitat management. More

Hard Work Pays Off

Alvin Dody’s hard work is paying off. When he purchased the farm he would have two to three coveys of quail on his farm. Now it is common for Alvin to have six to eight coveys. More
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Have any of you been seeing baby quail, pheasant or turkeys?

Photo of Newly Hatched Quail Chicks
Now is the time you should start seeing broods. More

Hazel Brush and a Bevy of Quail

A good friend sent me an interesting story on How We Used to Catch Quails, by James Williams. More