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Creating Quality Quail Habitat

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Those who love these feisty birds do all they can to make them feel welcome.

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CRP Update - CP38 SAFE and CP33 "Quail Buffers"

More quail are SAFE in Missouri and also have a new opportunity in an old practice.

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Direct Seeding Shrubs

Are you tired of planting bare root shrubs? It can be back-breaking work.

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Landowner on tractor pulls disk field to promote ragweed growth

Disking Next to Cover

To produce lots of free quail food next year, disk next to cover when the leaves begin to change.

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Photo of diverse grassland, including wildflowers

Diverse Grassland Habitat

Photo of diverse grassland, including wildflowers.

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three bird dogs hunting in tall warm-season grass during winter

Dogs on Point

A season-end quail hunt yields excellent dog work and plenty of quail.

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Tree cut down beside open field to create quail habitat

Fall Projects for Quail Managers

With quail season still a month and a half away, die-hard bird hunters may be wondering what to do on weekends between now and Nov. 1.

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Farm Pictures

We've all heard the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words.

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Farmers and Wildlife Win with CP33

Earning a living by crop farming has always been a challenge.

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Favorite Quail Food Plots

A while back, I had a poll on food plots. The survey question asked what's your favorite type of food plot to plant for bobwhites.

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