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Bringing Back Quail

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Here's a proven formula: Better habitat equals more quail. More

Brood Habitat: Where the Bugs Are

Weedy brood habitat is best for bugs and bobwhites. More
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Building Better Brood Habitat

Photo shows quail chick in brood habitat
Reduce dominant grasses to create prime brooding cover. More

Calling All Quail

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Ron Graef
Partners provide funding and expertise for habitat improvements. More

Calling All Quail!

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Property owners can join together to create landscapes attractive to quail. More

Can You Find the Quail in This Photo?

While you ponder the number of quail in this shrub thicket, consider that quail rely on dense shrubs every day. More

Check Your Brood Habitat Now

Photo shows quail chick in brood habitat
Imagine if you were half the size of your thumb and had to catch insects the first 14 days of your life to survive. For the millions of newly hatched Missouri quail chicks this is a reality. More

Chicken Work is for All Birds!

Recently, the Missouri Department of Conservation announced future plans to stabilize and bring back the state’s declining greater prairie chicken population and to restore critical native grassland for other declining wildlife on private and public land. More
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Covey Headquarters Newsletter, Fall 2013

This issue features a prairie chicken's journey in Missouri and Iowa, special quail-hunt opportunity, how to conduct a quail covey count, grassland bird survey results, and more. More

Covey Headquarters Newsletter, Fall 2014

This issue covers Missouri quail monitoring, pollinator habitat, continuing MDC-CRP incentives, and quail-habitat management. More