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Prescription: Fire

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Conservationists are learning to use fire to improve wildlife habitat. More

Quail Unlimited Radio-Collared Quail Update

In 2008, the Missouri Department of Conservation teamed up with Quail Unlimited to conduct a radio-collar project on three private land sites in central and western Missouri. More

Smoke at Peck Ranch CA week of March 19 is evidence of habitat improvement

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Prescribed burns on the area are part of habitat management. More

Utility Pole Burnt in Two

photo of utility pole burnt in two
Photo of utility pole burnt in two. More

Wild Jobs - Burn Boss

Burn Boss
Tom Jingst directs a controlled burn on grassland portions of Three Creeks CA in Boone County. More

Winter Prescribed Burns and Strategy

A while back, I helped a friend with a winter prescribed burn at his farm in central Missouri. More

YouTube: Patch/Burn Grazing

Using patch/burn grazing as a tool for managing prairie grasslands. More

YouTube: Prairie Burn Tips

It may look like hay to you, but this is a prairie patch...a garden or backyard spot planted with native grass and flowers. More