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Greater Prairie-Chicken (Displaying Male)

Photo of a male greater prairie-chicken in courtship display
Now endangered in Missouri, prairie-chickens breed from March through May. Cocks visit booming grounds (leks), where they dance, call, and fight among themselves. Hens visit the lek and select the most fit mate; mating occurs on the lek during April. More

2011 Quail Odyssey, Part I

Photo of Kyle Hedges accepting a woodcock from his English setter, Tess.
Wherein we learn the difference between “intensive” and “extensive” cover. More

2011 Quail Odyssey, Part II

Frank Loncarich approaches two dogs on point.
Wherein intrepid hunters empty their guns to kill one quail. More

2011 Quail Odyssey, Part III

Dogs and hunters work a big prairie
Wherein mid- to late-season hunting tactics are revealed. More
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A Helping Hand on Public Land

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The Conservation Department teams with farmers to improve wildlife habitat on conservation areas. More

A Prairie in the Swamp

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Desert-like sand prairies are disappearing from southeastern Missouri. More

A Prairie Should Be Forever (1968)

Photography, Sound and Art: Charles and Elizabeth Schwartz. Narrative Script: James Keefe. More

Almost Last But Not Least

Late-blooming downy gentian is worth the wait! More

Back Cover

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Our photographers have been busy exploring the intricacies of the Missouri outdoors. See if you can guess this month’s natural wonder. More

Back Cover

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In springtime, the prairies of Missouri explode with reds, oranges and yellows as Indian paintbrush blooms. More