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Private Pond Stocking

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Pond Fishing
The right mix of species makes for a lifetime of fishing fun. More

Problem of Leaky Ponds

This Aquaguide shows you why ponds leak and what you can do to keep your Missouri pond from leaking. More

Stocking Fish In Your Pond

This Aquaguide covers recommended fish-stocking species, species to avoid, when and how to haul fish, and find sources of stock fish in Missouri. More

Submerged Plant Control

This Aquaguide shows you how to control submerged plants such as coontail, elodea, and naiad in your Missouri pond. More

The Origin of a Fish

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It’s hard to know whether you’ve caught a wild or a hatchery-produced trophy. More

Water Plants for Your Pond

Aquatic plants are an essential ingredient in a quality pond or lake. This guide helps you choose and establish appropriate plants for your Missouri pond or small lake. More

What's Bugging My Fish?

This Aquaguide describes the main types of parasites anglers may find in Missouri fish and answers common questions about fish parasites. More