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Missouri Fish Producers

This Aquaguide shows you where to find Missouri fish dealers who can supply recommended fish species for your pond. More

Missouri Pond Handbook

Topics in this 72-page book include developing a new fishing pond, managing a new fishing pond, managing an old pond, common pond problems, and recommendations. More

Overstocked Bass Solutions

This Aquaguide shows you how to reduce an over abundance of slow-growing bass in your Missouri pond. More

Pond Area Estimator

This simple method helps you estimate your Missouri pond's surface acreage. More

Pond Construction and Maintenance

Six Aquaguides show you how to build, stock, and care for your Missouri pond. More

Pond Fish Attractors

This Aquaguide titled Fishing in a Barrel shows you how to  design fish attractors for your Missouri pond or lake. More

Pond Fishing

Pond Fishing
Ponds help make Missouri a great place to fish. MDC can help with pond design and management to keep them “fishy.” More

Pond Improvements

Make the most of your private Missouri lake or pond. Topics include four-page technical sheets known as Aquaguides and other pond-related info to help you control water plants, improve fishing and frogging, build and maintain better ponds, and manage your pond's water quality. More

Pond Turnover

This Aquaguide explains seasonal turnover and how it may affect your Missouri pond's health. More

Pond-Water Quality Management

Three Aquaguides show you how to clear your Missouri pond of muddy water, minimize fish kills, and how annual turnover may affect your pond's water quality. More