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Artist Conk

Photo of artist conk, woody bracket fungus on tree shown from side
Ganoderma applanatum
The artist conk is a woody, semicircular, brownish bracket with a white underside that bruises dark gray to black. It grows on dead wood or in wounds of living deciduous trees. More

Beefsteak Polypore

Photo of beefsteak polypore, a rust-colored bracket fungus growing on tree base
Fistulina hepatica
The beefsteak polypore is a thick, semicircular, reddish or rusty, gelatinous bracket with a pinkish yellow underside. It grows at the base of living oaks and on stumps. More

Berkeley's Polypore

Photo of Berkeley's polypore, a whitish rosette mushroom
Bondarzewia berkeleyi
Berkeley's polypore grows in rosettes or clusters of fleshy, cream-colored caps, with whitish pores that descend the stalk. Look for them on the ground near the bases of trees. More

Black-Footed Polypore

Photo of top of black-footed polypore mushroom showing smooth fan-shaped cap
Polyporus badius
The black-footed polypore has a smooth, wavy brown cap with whitish or tannish pores on the underside and a black, smooth, off-center stalk. It grows singly or in groups of up to several on dead wood and stumps of deciduous trees. More

Black-Footed Polypore (Top)

Photo of top of black-footed polypore mushroom showing smooth fan-shaped cap
The black-footed polypore grows on wood. It has a wavy cap that is reddish to brownish, becoming darker with age; the texture is dry, smooth, tough, and leathery. The stalk is black, smooth, and off-center. More

Black-Staining Polypore

Photo of black-staining polypore, a mushroom with tan, wavy, fan-shaped caps
Meripilus sumstinei (formerly M. giganteus)
The black-staining polypore grows in large, circular clusters of many fleshy, grayish yellow, fan-shaped caps, which bruise black when cut or touched. It grows on the ground around deciduous trees, especially oaks. More

Cinnabar Polypore

Photo of a cinnabar polypore, which is a reddish orange bracket fungus
Pycnoporus cinnabarinus
The cinnabar polypore is a bracket fungus that is tough, fan-shaped, and bright red-orange above and below. It grows on dead deciduous branches, twigs, and wood, mainly oak. More

Hen of the Woods (Maitake)

Photo of hen of the woods, large round mass of grayish mushrooms
Grifola frondosa
Looking like a ruffled chicken, this edible mushroom grows like large circular bouquet of spoon-shaped caps, each grayish brown on top and white beneath, emerging from a branching, whitish base. It grows on the ground at the base of oak trees. More

Hexagonal-Pored Polypore

Photograph of several hexagonal-pored polypores, tan bracket fungi
Polyporus alveolaris (formerly Favolus alveolaris)
This polypore is an orange to tan, fan-shaped bracket that is scaly on top; the underside has rows of white, six-sided, radially arranged pores. It grows singly or in groups on dead branches of deciduous trees. More

Hexagonal-Pored Polypore (From Above)

Photo of hexagonal-pored polypore caps, showing scaly texture orange banding
The caps of this bracket fungus are semicircular, fan-shaped, orange when fresh, then fading to tan. The texture is scaly, becoming smooth. More