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Fairy Ring

wide ring of white mushrooms growing in green grass
Common in fields and pastures, the green-spored lepiota often grows in large arcs or circular "fairy rings." Admire their beauty, but don't eat them. They're poisonous. More

Green-Spored Lepiota

five white mushrooms on moss
Chlorophyllum molybdites has a white cap with tan/buff scales and is usually found growing in large groups. More

Mushroom With Ring on Stem

white, umbrella-shaped mushroom with ring halfway up stem
The green-spored lepiota has a characteristic thick, sometimes movable ring on the stem. Don't eat this mushroom. It's poisonous. More

Poisonous Mushrooms

If you collect Missouri mushrooms to eat, you should become familiar with the three most dangerous groups: amanitas, the false morels and a catchall category called little brown mushrooms (LBMs). More