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2016 Arbor Award

Shaun Smith (center), an arborist for Springfield Public Schools, displays the 2016 Missouri Arbor Award won by the school district. Smith is pictured with Casey Jo Kellner (left) of the Missouri Community Forestry Council and Lisa Allen, Forestry Division Chief for the Missouri Department of Conservation.

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Bush Honeysuckle

It may look pretty, but there’s evil lurking beneath these roots.  Invasive bush honeysuckle is a problem for homeowners and native habitats alike. Late fall is the best time to attack it because it remains green after native vegetation has gone dormant.

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Important Plants for Quail

You can help attract bobwhite quail to your land by planting shrubs that create food and shelter for quail. This video shows you how.

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MDC says now is the time to defend against invasive bush honeysuckle

The exotic plant threatens to take over the St. Louis area, but late autumn is one of the best times to stop it.

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