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Pining for The Dwindling Shortleaf

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Missouri's only native pine played a major role in the history of our state.

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Download this report on canopy openness and pine regeneration in closed-canopy shortleaf-pine forests.

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scotch pine

Scotch Pine (Scots Pine)

Pinus sylvestris
This nonnative pine is one of America's favorite Christmas trees; it has also been popular for screening and as a landscaping ornamental. Unfortunately, it is very susceptible to the pine wilt nematode, a roundworm that kills the trees it infects usually within months.

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shortleaf pine

Shortleaf Pine

Pinus echinata
Existing in thousands of acres of nearly pure stands, shortleaf pine was once the dominant tree in much of the Missouri Ozarks. Today, Missouri’s only native pine tree is recovering from the extensive logging that had exhausted its old-growth stands by the 1920s.

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